Arni Village Cheese Dairy and Emmentaler AOC

Emmental Cheese Route - Arni Village Cheese Dairy
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The Arni Cheese Dairy is a cooperative business with 17 milk producers. Twice a day, they produce freshly-drawn milk. A large proportion of this milk is used to produce Emmentaler AOC.

Emmentaler AOC
and Emmentaler Switzerland® are protected designations for the original Emmental cheese. Authentic Emmental cheese must be ripened for at least 4 months, and because it has a longer ripening period than its imitations, it has a much stronger and spicier taste. So please do tuck in!

Emmentaler AOC

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"Only if everything is perfect, a cheese can be a Emmentaler AOC" - Information about the Emmental cheese are available on the official website of Emmentaler Switzerland.

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