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For a long time, milk sales were of vital importance to the Emmental region's economy. Since then, the number of farmers and farms in Switzerland has consistently declined. Nevertheless, the statistics for the dairy industry are still impressive:
One Swiss cow - depending on its breed, age, development, weight, build and individual disposition – yields an average of 18 liters per day. In Switzerland as a whole, roughly 3,300,000 tonnes of milk are produced each year, of which around 40 percent is converted into cheese. Of all the types of Swiss cheese, Emmentaler AOC is exported in the largest quantities. An 85 kilogram loaf of Emmental cheese requires around 1000 kilograms of milk.

Hirschen Kaltacker

Food & Beverage

The Hirschen Kaltacker is approx. 500 meters away from the point of interest "Holzsammenstelle Kaltacker". Here you can get some food and refreshments.


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