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Emmental Cheese Route - Gotthelf Musical in Thun
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Lützelflüh is also known as "Gotthelf village". Albert Bitzius wrote under the pen name, "Jeremias Gotthelf", and was born on 4th October 1797 in Murten. He studied theology and was appointed Pastor of Lützelflüh in 1832. He lived there until his death in 1854, and you can find his grave in the cemetery on the south side of the church. His novels depict farmers' lives in the 19th century. Jeremias Gotthelf was more adept than any other writer of this time at expressing both Christian and humanist principles in his works.

Lützelflüh - the Gotthelf village

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The village Lützelflüh has much to offer. Besides the beautiful scenery, the view and the Emme, there are also many cultural offerings, for example, about the historical past of the village.

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